Sunday, July 11, 2010

Better for orphans to have a home

Quick and easy utility quilt made long enough for my 6'4" son to stretch out under. I used orphan blocks and my scrap pile. I felt a little guilty slicing up the orphans at first, but then i decided it was better for them to have a home rather than live stashed away in a tote somewhere. I started with orphans I was fairly sure I wasn't ever going to do anything with and added strips and pieces from my scraps to make 12" squares. I then cut them on the diagonal and added solid red strips from jelly roll to make the diamonds. Q said he really likes the feel of fleece so I just did a large meander all over with the fleece as the batting/backing with turned over backing for binding. Quick, easy and done.


scraphappy said...

Very clever way to use orphans. You are so right, it is better to use them than save them.

Susan said...

Love it Mary. Should I be looking for one of my blocks all wacked up!Want me to send yousome more orphans???

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