Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good wool, bad iron, nothing complete

So I have this Block of the Month penny rug pattern by Connie Huddleson called "Pennies" which is absolutely adorable with a different theme block for each month. My idea, instead of making a wall hanging that measures 33"x42" as its shown, is to make the penny rugs on various backgrounds and I can hang them as little mini seasonal wall hangings. So this is November's you see what my bad iron did? The brown rust marks from the iron? Grrr! Any ideas on what to use? I am leaning towards a Tide stick but I have never tried it on wool before. Ok, so I throw the pumpkin penny rug aside and decide to start on my mini quilt challenge for the upcoming September retreat. My husband casually said, "You know, you can do any shape with that wool, you don't always need to do circles." Thanks Gene, like my mind isn't already crammed full with ideas, you have to get me going on a whole new tangent. So after a hour or so with my graph paper, I came up with this:
I really like it. I like it so much that I become nervous about my blanket stitch. Sure, I do a fair job on gentle curves and circles, but i will really need to sharpen my skills if I want those little points to really stand out. Which led me to this:

Another in progress candle wrap, hopefully honing my blanket stitch skills. i thought these looked a little like peppermints and I think I might make another for my Christmas candles they're really turning out cute. Finished pics will be soon I hope!


Patty Ashworth said...

Applique some leaves over the spots! Just don't worry about that.

Susan said...

an acorn or two tossed around the pumkins and no one will know. I just can't believe that you are hand stitching!!love em

Anonymous said...

These two ladies' ideas are better than mine. I was going to suggest you fire up the iron again and just make a few more random spots on the rest of the circle. Isn't "distressed" fabric in fashion now?
I LOVE your work!!!!

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