Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Home from the retreat

I arrived home from the retreat yesterday afternoon, it was an awesome time! Lots of friends, fabulous quilts, tasty food and fabric shopping, what else could 18 quilty ladies ask for? Photo 1 is my retreat challenge from last year, we were all given a fabric panel to make something out of to bring back this year.

Photo 2 is the view from the deck from last year, I forgot to bring my camera this year, but the view is still spectacular. I marvel that I got any sewing done at all with that view from my machine.

Unconscious mutterings 9/10

  1. True love :: never dies

  2. Age ::old

  3. Stern :: look

  4. Elastic :: waistband

  5. Rustic :: cabin

  6. Enhance :: boob

  7. Jackson :: again

  8. Inherit :: the earth

  9. Devious :: plot

  10. Scapegoat :: caused

Luckily she archives previous weeks words :-)
To play along, visit: http://subliminal.lunanina.com/

Unconscious mutterings 9/17

Running :: time
Alternative :: rock
Cope :: saw
Lots :: houses
Sympathetic ::empathetic
Barn :: door
Totally :: rad
Baby :: pink
Undeniable ::truth
Watermelon :: slice

Play along at: http://subliminal.lunanina.com/

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What's been consuming my time lately

This was a challenge from last year's retreat. We were all given fabric panels with the instructions that when we returned this year whatever we made was to be at least 36" finished and it must be complete. I wound up the the patriotic panel (I'm not complaining, there were MUCH worse! :-) All in all I dindt really mind it excepts for the dumpy looking doll section. Sooo....I decided that I wanted to put as much motion in the quilt as possible, so its very scrappy and made with a lot of busy RW&B prints to make the whole thing look busy and scrappy. I think I have succeeded! It still needs quilted, I am planning on random free motion stars in varigated RW&B thread.

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