Tuesday, October 28, 2008


From the tone of my last post I guess I implied that I hadn't been sewing anything, which isn't exactly true. I have done a little, but none of which has been terribly inspiring to me.
To begin with, the boys girlfriends asked for quilts. So Stephanie likes orange, so I showed her some batiks I had orange and blue with orange, and I made this for her at retreat in September. About 3 days after my return she broke up with Q. Now I have a nice center but not a whole lot of motivation to finish. Emily, Gene's girlfriend wanted brights on black. This is going in the direction I want, but now I am regretting some of the red and orange squares in the nine patches, I think I need to do some ripping and insert different color squares where it makes the pattern look wonky. And of course I ran out of Kona black. I thought I had some here at the house but when I pulled the top out to work on the borders I found it definitely wasn't Kona, so I've ordered more.

These are blue and cream Jacob's Ladders for the lottery at Mailblocks for this month.

And here are six of the 23 total blocks I made for a Scrappy Irish Chain swap at Mailblocks.

So all in all, I have been sewing, just not with the intensity that I have in the past. I think my motivation is slowly returning, I am working on my Orange Crush Mystery today, getting all of the blocks assembled and hopefully a nice border or two. Then it will be time to choose which Orphan blocks or UFO will grace the back and I'll get it on the frame finally.

Monday, October 06, 2008

My OH My....

Its been a while since I've been on Blogger. Perhaps because this is my quilt blog and I have been going through a motivational drought of late? Yes, I have basically kept up with my commitments, but that's it, and its not been joyfully either, but instead with a "I gotta catch up" attitude which leaves me a feeling of duty done, rather than satisfyingly and gleefully complete.

I think I'm finally heading out into the light again. Is it the weather getting cooler? Thoughts of Christmas looming over my head? Hopefully its just my passion returning.

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