Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Heartstrings

Heartstrings completed at retreat

This brings my total up to 43!

Just a couple of new things

Wow, I haven't gotten nearly as much done lately as I would have liked. And some have been done but had to leave the house in swaps or robins immediately upon completing because they were past due.

Dutchmans Puzzle blocks for Mailblocks

Lotto blocks for Mailblocks

Card Trick Blocks for Mailblocks

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

unconscious mutterings 9/22

  1. Singles :: dance

  2. Blaze :: flames

  3. Sandwich :: bread

  4. Outside :: air

  5. Gooey :: doughnut

  6. Industry :: heavy

  7. Exclusive :: to me

  8. Warranty :: no good

  9. Magical :: elements

  10. Heels :: high

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings 9/16

  1. Rita :: aunt

  2. Comedy :: central

  3. Polar :: opposites

  4. Idiots :: are everywhere

  5. Perception :: is skewed

  6. Infected :: sore

  7. Fake :: ring

  8. Relating :: to people

  9. Distraction :: form of a

  10. Gamble :: and lose
Wow, lots of negative answers this week, and I thought I was in a pretty good mood!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings 8/25, 9/1, 9/8

  1. Uneven :: seam

  2. Wonder :: woman

  3. Spider :: web

  4. Emma :: momma

  5. Swing :: sets

  6. Orbit :: saturn

  7. Flirt :: with disaster

  8. Donation :: goodwill

  9. Veil :: of tears

  10. Atmosphere ::dwindling

    1. Scrabble :: tile

    2. NyQuil :: sleep

    3. Roadtrip :: map

    4. Idiot :: proof

    5. Bandages :: ace

    6. Series :: world

    7. Summer :: fling

    8. Prompt :: to say

    9. September :: school

    10. Chicken :: salad

    1. Dork :: nerd

    2. Refurbished :: furniture

    3. Basket :: case

    4. Mousse :: chocolate

    5. Studio :: apartment

    6. 8 ball :: lose

    7. Masking tape :: blue

    8. Love :: act

    9. Wilder :: Gene
    10. Lindsey :: Lohan

Monday, September 10, 2007

A couple I do have time to share

8 more blocks for Heartstrings Baglady Challenge done by me for Joyce at Beyondbeginners

I have been AWOL

Wow, the last post I made was in August, haven't kept up with my mutterings or anything.

We went back to PA for a short family reunion over Labor Day, mostly to see my family that came in to/lives in the area and stopped in to see Gene's dad. It was great to see my uncles and grandparents that I ha vent seen for years. It was a real trick for all of us, but my Uncle Scott and my sister Amy mostly, to keep my grandparents separated while we all stayed in the same hotel. My grandparents have been divorced for 25 years, Mam has Alzheimer's and kept saying in reference to Pap, "I'd like to say hi." and Pap was a little less than receptive to that idea. I guess having her leave him after almost 40 years of marriage has left him not so willing to let bygones be bygones. All in all it was a nice trip, I commented to Gene that it was very much like speed dating, catch up for an hour or two and then boom on to another family member. I was sad to hear that my step grandmother had passed away on Friday, and although we got to see my step dad for a little bit, there was no way we could make the services on Monday and Tuesday.

We came back home on Monday night and everything went back into routine for less than 24hrs. when we got the call that Gene's dad had died Sunday evening. Since he really only stayed in touch with his dad, no one had a number to call our cells to let us know before left PA. So Wednesday morning was a drive back out. this time the boys stayed home, Q had missed a good bit of school on Friday and Tuesday due to dentist appointments (he knocked out his front tooth playing two hand touch football at school on Friday) and since they're 16 now, we decided to trust them to stay by themselves. And yes, the house was still standing, the boys were fine and there were no family pets or furniture stuck on the roof so I consider it a success. While we were at the funeral Gene learned that his best teenage/ hell raising friend had died in a car accident a couple of months ago. This really hit him hard combined with his fathers death. They do say it comes in threes, and its always seemed to happen that way in my life.

I do have some pics of the reunion and the few quilty things I have managed to accomplish over the past month, but I do not know if I have time to post today. I am preparing to leave on a quilting retreat Wednesday morning and have to get packed. I will certainly catch up and update everything when I get back!

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