Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trudging through the UFOs

When I said I was going to start busting through some of the UFO's I have laying around I decided the fastest way to do this would be to start making 2 sided quilts. This is the first, a generous twin (What do you know...held up by one of my generous twins! Hehehe!) all made entirely from swapped blocks and stash fabrics. That beige has been around since I started quilting six years ago so I'm glad to see it's finally earning its keep for the room and board I've provided over the years. ;-)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Step 5 Complete!

Thanks to a little bit of sprinkling here this morning which kept me in the house, Step #5 of my OC is done! Woohoo! I'm not going to post a pic since it looks like the pic in the previous post except there's setting triangles and corners.

Now what kind of trouble can I get into? Looks like maybe more rain....:-0)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

OC Progress and Indy Life

So I woke up this morning with plans of working in the yard, but it was a little chilly so decided to sew a little instead. I knew I still had work to do on step #4 of the Orange Crush mystery at Quiltville, I had the hsts done and a couple of the spinning stars completed, but I needed to finish them up. A quick peek and what do you know? Bonnie had step #5 posted so now I was close to being two steps behind! I finished the spinning stars and cut the squares for the Album block. So...they're going to be set on point...why could I not picture the way they were going to look side by side in my mind? I just had to make 5 completed Album blocks just to ease my curiosity a little. Here's a little preview hanging on my design wall, and I likey! There's only one thing I may just have to change, I used a blue that's very similar to the blue in the spinning stars for my Album block corners in a few blocks (see bottom right Album block) and I'm not sure if they'll stand out too much, so i may be ripping a little.

I live just south of Indianapolis and today is the 500. I had the TV on while sewing mostly as background noise, I am not a race fan. I just cannot see the thrill of watching a race, honest, i have tried numerous times since moving here in the early 90's. Its hard to not know something about Indycar racing with all the press coverage. I will say I am excited to hear there are 3 ladies racing today, Danica, Sarah, and Milka. Way to go girls! All of you! There have only been six women to start in the 500 and today will have 3 of the six who qualified! Sending them all the positive girl power vibes I can today! out to the garden since its almost noon! :-)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


First of all the table runner for the Fat Quarter Frenzy Challenge at Quilting in Indiana, I finally butched up :-) and cut into Jennifer's gorgeous fabric. I hope she likes the results! And the Relay for Life charity quilt completed. I was a little disappointed in the amount it brought in, only $280. But the raffle was cut short at the relay by 24 hours, essentially the whole thing, so all the tickets that sold were in the two days prior at work. I'm not happy about what happened, but I am happy with the results of my efforts, it turned out really well.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Retreat goodies

I also wanted to share the favors I made for the retreat. A FQ for everyone, 3 pieces of Lindt Lindor chocolates, (Warning, if you've never tried these and wish to, they're highly addictive!) and some awesome quilting postcards. The postcards were specially made for me by Vicki at aren't they wonderful? I plan to return to her again for September's retreat gifties.
And this was the big piece of quilter's candy that everyone received. Everyone seemed to be happy :-)

Retreat May 2008

Wow! Wow! Wow! Another great retreat! I just love meeting up with my friends in northern IN twice a year for our retreats, they are such blasts! Sewing, laughing, eating, ooohing and aaahing, great friends, what could be better?
I did manage to be productive while being social, which is always a bonus! I have several swap blocks done and did manage to work on my Orange Crush. I forgot the quilt to be repaired at home, but that's ok, I'll manage on my own.
We have a challenge every year that is due the next retreat, this year's challenge was to make something that was at least 30" in one direction that represented an emotion or feeling you felt at retreat. Let me tell you, EVERYONE completely outdid themselves. I wish I could post pics of everyone, but my camera was acting up. Although its so hard to pick a favorite, I would have to say this one from Liz represented the feeling of the retreat most concisely for me. Liz showed it to us in two stages, the black and white upper portion first. She said, "This is life." Then she unveiled the lower colorful portion and said, "This is life at the retreat!" What a wonderful interpretation!

This was my previously mentioned secretive challenge piece apparently as I was about to fling it back over the railing :-) My label says, Nestled among the new spring leaves and situated alongside a lake of sparkling blue waters sits a cottage that contains twenty bright lights, glowing glowing orbs of inspiration. Nineteen of which are perfect and one that's a little off center.

Another highlight for me was this beautiful antique quilt that Jody bought at an estate sale. Completely hand quilted and just drop dead gorgeous.

There will be another retreat in September, which just isn't soon enough for me!

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