Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Gawd get this quilt out of my house!

This is the Christmas gift for my son's girlfriend Emily. So I started it in September. Then I ran out of black. So I ordered more. In the meantime I started on something else. Then I worked on smaller Christmas presents. Then in December I finished the top and back and put it on the frame. Then I ran out of quilting thread and needed to order more. So in January I started back on it, only to find that something was going on with the machine and I couldn't get it to quilt more than 8" without the thread breaking. I fiddled with it and finally took the machine in to be serviced. Yesterday morning (Can you hear the whistling from High Plains Drifter?) I woke and told myself enough was enough and it would either be quilted or i would be dead by sundown. Woohoo! Finished the binding this morning, washed it this afternoon and its OUTTA HERE FINALLY!
Front Back made from orphan blocks with a little free form words done Lazygalquilting style.

Emily acting goofy but happy.
Added 2/27
DH said I should have told the whole story about this quilt from the beginning. OK, here goes. Emily asked for a quilt, she said she had some fabric from a project she did at school and would like for me to use it. The first was a red batik, the star points. The others were a couple of different brights but were such poor quality that I really didn't want to use them for fear the quilt would fall apart after the first washing. So I bought some other batiks and headed off to retreat with a basic plan in mind. (There was no pattern, just me, my graph paper and a desire to use my tri-rec rulers) Once I got there I was seated next to a really sweet lady named Sandy. I had seen her posts online but this was our first time to meet. We sewed and chatted and I was really glad we sat together because we were having such a good time. I soon realized there wasn't a whole lot of Emily's favorite fabric. I tweaked the pattern here and there, trying to find a way to highlight her favorite when Sandy said, "I have some of that a matter of fact I have some of it here with me and you can have it!" Well if I didn't already think Sandy was just the bees knees I sure would have then! So DH is right, I really need to give credit where its due, if it weren't for Sandy, this quilt wouldn't have been made!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just a few things

Angela's RxR with my addition on the bottom
Closeups of blocks....made by an embellishmentally challenged person :-)

Good thing she's looking for a folkart stlye of quilt huh?

Yellow and black churndash blocks for Judy's swap.

Sister's Choice swap blocks.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Going for a six pack!

As I drove home this morning listening to an Indianapolis talk radio station I heard the caller say he was rooting for the Cardinals today because Steeler fans are the most obnoxious and what will they be like with SIX Super Bowl rings?

Poor jealous Indy Colts fan, sucks to be you doesn't it?

Steelers version of the Lord's Prayer pre-playoff win but too cute not to pass on.

Our Father,

Who art in Pittsburgh,

Football Be thy Game.

Thy Kingdom Come,

5 Superbowls Won,

On Earth as it is in Heinz Field.

Give us this Day a Play-off Victory,

And forgive us our penalties,

As we defeat those who play against us.

But lead us into victory,

And deliver us to Tampa!



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