Sunday, July 04, 2010

And then, out from the depths of the UFO pile.....

Sonnet from April Cornell, man I just love these colors!
So several years ago I bought some yardage and several charm packs, most of which were homespuns. Then I started cutting everything up and stitching. Maybe it was a different time in my quilting life, but the wonkiness of the homespuns drove me crazy and away it went to UFO pile.
Today I am in a finish it, use it or move it along kind of period and I pulled this back out. Still in love with the fabrics....its not their fault they are stretchy, I am ok with wonky right now so I am just trying to finish as quickly and easily as I can so i am using what i had precut and I need an inner border so that I can just do more rail fence blocks around the outside and show a definite change. So what do you all think? #1 #2 #3 or #4?


Bonnie said...

I like #3. Very pretty colors. It will turn out great.

jenna p in ga said...

I like the fabrics a lot, and my vote is for #3, orange is a fav of mine right now :).

Susan said...

The black or Orange for sure

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