Monday, July 14, 2008

Changing patterns

This first pic is a row robin I was working on. Susan, the owner, wanted red, black and white exploding or bursting stars in red, white and black. I chose these two thinking they both looked like they fell within the guidelines. I argued with DH as to whether or not the star row on the left looked like it was bursting. I see bursting, he sees boring bars.Next I have pics of lotto blocks for Mailblocks. The block was my choice, its My Blue Heaven from Quilterscache. The only input I had was that the blocks were to have a light blue background and the quilters choice for the other colors, but that it looked to me like butterflies against a blue summer sky. So I made these, with butterflies in mind, the striped fabric was cut on the bias to make the stripes go in the right direction. And I think they do look like butterflies.
But then I thought to myself that I didn't really specify that the hsts could be different colors and I was afraid that everyone would take the instructions very literally, so I made these. I thought they were rather boring until I put them up on the design wall to take the pic.
Well now, that's a rocking awesome star in the middle where the blocks intersect...I didn't notice that at first. But that's the fun of playing with blocks on a design wall isn't it?


Gina said...

Love the Star blocks.

What a great discovery from those blocks. I love secondary patterns in a quilt, it's like making a new discovery each time you look at them.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the fact your colors are all in the same tone (for lack of the proper word) option 2 works so very well. By tone I mean the colors are not a mixed of brights, lights and darks, but all medium "tones".

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