Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Bear paw blocks for a swap at Mailblocks I think I'll make some more and use them on point as a back to my Homespun Turning Twenty UFO 8" Batik Happy Blocks for a swap. I've made 50 of these, the maximum is 75 and the due date is not until August, I plan to make at least 25 to 50 more, hopefully!
Dog block swap at Mailblocks Blocks were supposed to be 12", my puppies are 24" I had hoped that I could just trim them up to be 12" but I would have lost part of their ears, so I expanded to make them 24" square, I hope Ronda and Melanie arent upset.


Teresa said...

Oh such cute puppies..how could anyone be upset? Great job!

Judy said...

Hey Mary! I love your blocks. Those batik ones are great! I think I may have something like that hidden on a shelf .... The puppy is darling!

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