Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I guess its the summertime that's making me neglect my blog. I've been enjoying mornings on the deck with my coffee, watching the birds and a bowling ball of a squirrel that lives in my backyard. I call him a bowling ball because he will wait patiently for the birds to perch on the privacy fence in the backyard, then catapult himself towards them sending them flying and sometimes falling off their roost! Evenings are spent either in the adirondack chairs in front or on the deck in back after the sun goes down. I have been trying to spend some time on the yard. Let me assure you, its not beautiful, I'm just playing catch up with the weeds I've let take over in the past month or so.

I finally started taking things into my own hands regarding the renovation of the living room. Q and I tore up all the carpet before DH got home one day last week. So now we have concrete floors. I am hoping this will be enough to light a fire under him so that he gets moving on the drywall. He thinks by asking me "What furniture colors are you going for? What colors are you going to paint the walls? Have you thought about what furniture you you're going to buy?" that he is putting me on the spot, in other words, "If you're going to make me do all this work then you better be prepared to get a move on also!" But I was already prepared, I have the paint samples in my purse and I've been to the furniture store twice and know exactly what I want, I just haven't decided on a color yet because he's not made a decision on the floor :-) Still just waiting on him!

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