Thursday, April 24, 2008

Retreat Prep, etc.

I am busy preparing for the retreat next week. I have all the components cut for several different projects as well as some swaps I am participating in. My buddy Pam really showed me the light regarding pre-cutting. She amazed me with the amount she accomplished when we first met at retreat several years ago. Everything was organized into plastic bags and she just sewed her little heart out. No waiting in lines at the cutting mats, the irons and boards were used to press block components and not pre-pressing yardage, always something available to work on even if just for a couple minutes here and there. So my to-do tote is filling up, we'll just see how much I actually get accomplished!

Jennifer's fabrics and prototype woven table runner (previous post) are still hanging on the design wall mocking me :-)

The purple and green charity quilt for Relay for Life is still on the frame 25% quilted.

With so much to do, what am I doing here? I had better get to sewing!


Amanda said...

Have a great time. It will be great to hear how much you managed to achieve.

paula, the quilter said...

Retreats are always so much fun. Don't forget to take some handwork for a change of pace.

Kathy Wagner said...

I agree - you can accomplish a lot more if you are organized and do pre-cutting for retreats!
Are you taking the OC along???

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