Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am normally not a chicken!

I love participating in quilting challenges of all kinds. I have used fabric belonging to other people, I have used UFOs belonging to other people, I have used a challenging fabric, and I have designed quilts based on a concept, however this challenge has me really nervous.

The challenge is Fat Quarter Frenzy from Quilting in Indiana. We have exchanged 4 coordinating FQs and we're to make something from those FQs alone without any additional fabric.

I have always wanted to try weaving fabric, so I thought this would be an awesome way to try the technique out by making table runner. But before I slashed through Jennifer's fabric, I wanted to make a sample from my own FQs.

In progress:

Finished with Jennifer's fabrics intended for the "real" one:

Now I am faced with a few problems/questions.
#1 The finished size shown is 35"x12" and I used every bit of the FQs to accomplish this. Unless I wanted to cut the length down to around 20" I will still need most of the fabric supplied which leaves me next to none for binding unless I wanted to piece it. My solution is to buy prepackaged binding and call it embellishment :-)
#2 The large floral print is frightening to me, will it remain cohesive looking if only 1¼" square blocks are showing?
#3 The fabric strips are fused to a fusible webbing, because I am not allowed to use any extra fabric, I will not be able to back it, will the non fusible side provide enough strength to make the table runner usable?
#4 How long will the fusible hold? I really do not want to use batting and quilt it because I will lose the braided effect if I stitch it down. Also, stitching off every strip is a bit of a pain, I am considering using a Heat and Bond tape, but once again, how long will it hold?
If you have an answer or comment to anything, please post, I'd like all the help I can get! Thank you!


Vicky aka stichr said...

I think that large print will work great for the weaving, there will be different sections of it showing along with the solids. Is there anything in the rules for making additions AFTER the challenge? ie; can you interface the back and then J. can put another backing on it someday? Or stitch it down? I think it would make a better runner if it's flatter anyway. Stitch around the outside, 1/2 inch in?, and leave the raw edge to get fringy?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I don't have any helpful feedback, but I think that looks really cool!

dineke said...

Oh, that's a difficult problem and I think the solution isn't easy if you want this size table runner. My experience in weaving and using fusible interfacing isn't great. It gets loose rather fast. As Vicky said how about addind a backing after the challenge so you can use the runner.

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