Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some things just can't be explained, but are just so cool!

I work nights, so Friday afternoon I woke when the boys returned home from school. As I walked into my living room, I saw this painting of my sister resting atop my printer. I said, "Wow Guys! Which one of you painted your Aunt Amy? It's great!" They responded that it was made by their friend Kyle who happened to get off the bus with them at our house. This painting was based on a photograph Kyle was given by another classmate in his art class, the students were to exchange photos and were to create a painting based on that photo. DH came home from work and had the same response, so I know its not just a sister thing, this painting is an incredible likeness of my sister in FL.
We discussed it and decided to offer Kyle some money for it, I think my mom would be thrilled to have it. Kyle was stunned and agreed to let us purchase it, but only after Monday when it needs to be presented to be graded! :-)


Valerie said...

Oh wow, that is an amazing painting. Absolutely beautiful!!!

Vicky aka stichr said...

Ditto here on the fantastic painting, the young man IS planning on art for a future???

swooze said...

Very nice! How old is he?

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