Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quilting in IN lotto blocks

Just a couple of lottery blocks for Quilting in Indiana using Fancy Flowers block pattern from Quilterscache.com


Valerie said...

Ooooh love those blocks, the colors are great! :)

Sorry about your wool woes! I have never tried it, so I'm definitely anxious to see how things go for you.

I did happen to catch an old Simply Quilts the other day and they touched on wool batting. She said to wash it, use cold water and wash by hand (or without agitation in the washer so it doesn't felt). Then after you wash it you can spin the water out in the washer, and then hang dry to avoid shrinkage. I believe, but could of course be wrong, that this is care for wool batting that has already been put into a quilt. I believe that the batting should already be clean wool ready for use when purchased. Maybe try a small piece of your unfelted batting in a little toss away experiment. Stipple it all up and bind a 5x5 inch mini quilt and you could see how it handles?

Hoping here that you'll pass on whatever information you are able to dig up! :) Good luck!

Catherine said...

Gorgeous block design. The wool woes are probably a product of the different types of wool -- different weights and different plies and all that.

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