Monday, January 28, 2008

Man I love that man!

We had a bit of a scare last week, DH was in the hospital Thursday and half of Friday. He was at work walking along holding a spiral notebook when suddenly he was doubled over in excruciating pain. He gave it a little time to see if it would pass and finally called me to say he was driving himself home and I would need to take him to the ER despite my urgings that he just go to ER in the city and I would find my way there. When he got here he was drenched in sweat (the high was like 12 degrees that day) completely gray, and couldn't stand without help. (I'm sure we looked hysterical getting him from his truck to my van, him outweighing me by 80lbs and standing a foot taller than me, it was like dancing with a drunken bear!) I have never seen him in so much pain. At the hospital they gave him 3 ultrasounds and a CAT scan and couldn't find anything to explain the pain he was in so they called a surgeon. Luckily the surgeon wasn't too anxious to cut into him without a reasonable suspicion and he spent Thursday getting pain shots every few hours. By Friday at noon, he felt a lot better, still a little sore in the area the pain was, but well enough, according to him, he would have gone back to work if they had released him earlier. Their best guess is a small muscle tear or strain in the abdominal wall. I'll tell you what, with the pain he was in I would have thought it was something MUCH more serious. I know we've been so fortunate and haven't had to deal with any health problems like this in the 18 years we've been together (knock on wood) but it sure did make me realize how vital he is to me!

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Alycia said...

I am glad that everything worked out - that is really scary!

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