Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Small but something

So this may not be much to brag about, but at least its something.  My quilting machine needs serviced, it wasn't working well before the kittens came to live with us and started using it and the frame as a jungle gym, and now I just don't have the heart to load a quilt only to find that its completely messed up.  So I have been dragging my feet getting it serviced. My service shop needed to downsize and closed a couple of easy to get to locations and now i will be forced to drive in the city to get it serviced.  Not that I'm not capable, but what a PITA on a day off to fight with city traffic.  Nonetheless I do have quilts that need to be finished, and I wanted to give the quilt as you go method a shot.  Well, I would say this attempt was a less than successful, as you can see from the gaping hole in the pic of the back, but I did learn a few things and I'm not ruling it out for a future attempt on a smaller quilt.  But I have resigned myself to a trip into town next week on my days off to drop off the big machine.

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Teresa said...

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it. Good luck on getting your machine fixed

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