Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wool Woes

This wool thing is really starting to frustrate me. I have always been a jump before looking kind of gal so naturally when I decided to start dabbling in wool I went crazy, purchasing from many different places.
My wool collection started with a Marcus Brothers wool packet, which I have since found out is not 100% wool, but rather 70% wool and 30% nylon.
So then I bought some 100% wool from
Quilters Quarter which I found to be rather expensive, but after researching, the prices are pretty comparable. I bought some Mill Dyed and hand dyed just to see the difference in coloration. When it arrived, it was plain un-felted wool. So after washing it several times, I have now felted it myself, but lost yardage due to shrinkage. I bought a pre-packed kit also 100% from The Back Door which is just up the road from me. Their wool looks nothing like the wool I felted, it has a softer, more ripply texture.
To add to my experimentation I also bought several 100% wool sweaters from the thrift store and felted them. I have found this wool to be very dense and thick. I also bought what is supposed to be 100% wool from several eBay stores, some new and some recylced all of which has completely different textures and drape.
Now I am just confused. I cannot even say which I like best, well yes I can, the hand dyes are my favorites because of the color variations. I am seriously thinking about loading up a sampling of all my wools and heading into The Back Door for some professional advice. Of all that I have learned on the Internet, I guess there's no way of ever understanding the 'hand' of any fabric without using, you know, your hand!

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Caryn said...

Please post whatever you learn about the wool - I'm curious too!

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