Monday, July 17, 2006

Not about me Monday

Listening to the Beatles I Wanna Hold Your Hand

I have decided to start a new theme for myself, its Not About Me Mondays. Maybe its my offer to start volunteering a couple of hours Monday afternoons at HSJC. Maybe its my renewed interest in making charity quilts for organizations like Project Linus, Wrap Them in Love and Wrap a Smile through Sunshinequilts. But I have decided that I will commit to doing something charitable on Monday. Its my day off, family is at school and work, the dogs sleep through the day anyway, why not do something good with my day? Something that might touch someone else and help to make their lives a little better in some small way.

So, I pieced a charity quilt top using swapped blocks, around 53x45" and started piecing some more spiral log cabins for a kids quilt. I have a roll of poly batting from Joanns that is 48"x10 yards. What I'd like to do is set it up on the frame along with 10 yards of backing, probably muslin, and just line up my charity tops, quilt, advance a little and quilt the next, etc. I'm not completely sure it will work this way, but what the heck its worth a try.

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