Sunday, July 23, 2006

Appleseed Quilt Show/ Confessions of a Quilt Whore

I went to my first quilt show yesterday in Ft Wayne, and I had a great time! My first taste and now I want more, so I'm going to start looking for other shows! Of course I must remember to take the camera next time.

Initially Ellen and Monica were supposed to come with, but Ellen had to take advantage of the pretty day to transport some furniture that she could not allow to be damagaed, and poor Monica had some sort of stomach flu. I was left by myself, and after working all night Friday night, I was really hoping for a co-pilot to help keep me awake on the way home. My bad-boy Q said he'd tag along! And he was the perfect gentleman! Looking at all the quilts with his plastic glove, helping me to pick out fabric, carrying my loot bags for me, he didnt balk much when we were told that Q could enter the show for free because he was my "husband," I was very impressed with the maturity he showed and that would have made my day in itself but there's more....

We got to spend the day with Susan and Liz! Q and I drove to Susan's house, met Liz and Susan's husband Perry. (Q would have been glad to hang around with Perry and his Camar-moo all day! I could have stayed and played on Susan's longarm!) Susan drove us to Ft Wayne where we had a wonderful lunch and on to the show! I really enjoy both of those ladies! They're funny, witty and the shared loves of quilting, swapping and internet quilt lists makes them all the more "in synch" with me. Plus they are so knowledgable about quilting, I learn so much from both of them. While at the show we ran into Janet and her DH John, I was glad to meet John, I had heard lots of great things about him from the Miniretreat that I had missed, I was happy to put a face to the stories. Janet and John were on "chick patrol" hoping to find a hottie for Q! The fact they all took time to make a connection with my son and to tell him stories of their own lives and children's lives meant more to me than I could ever explain. I am very fortunate to have friends like these.
Of course there was more...THE QUILTS AND THE VENDORS!

The quilts were incredible, there were works of art there I could never even dream of let alone put fabric and thread to the dream and make a reality. I always thought of myself as a fan of traditional quilts, pieced in reproduction prints or country colors. By the time I was half way through, I realized I have no loyalty. I was oohing and aahhing over every method and style imaginable. I was loving the primitive style one second and a modern looking artistic the next....Our dog loves to have her chest rubbed, she will postition herself so her chest is close and sits for hours and lets anyone rub it...we lovingly call her a "Booby Rubbing Whore"...not caring who, what or where, just getting her chest rubbed anywhere she can by as many who are willing. I realize now that she comes by that trait honestly, bacuse her mom is a "quilt whore!" Every quilt was my favorite until I saw the next, I crawled over every inch of each vendor's booth, I spent way too much money....I feel myself falling into the seedy quilting depths...and I am in ecstasy!

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