Monday, July 03, 2006

Here I am!

If you were to come visit me, you would walk in my front door and immediately notice the big quilt frame off to the side in the livingroom. So, just like visiting me in person, you get to see what's on the frame when you visit my blog.

This quilt is called Supposedly Weaving Spring. It started as free pattern offered at called Weaving Spring. It started as a crib size pattern, but DH liked it so much I decided to make it as large as I could with the yardage I had by adding borders. We now have a king that's 106x106". I completed the top two years ago and dreaded the thought of plowing it through my little Singer to quilt it, so it sat here, another UFO top. Until I received my Pfaff GrandQuilter with Inspira frame for Mother's Day. Now no top scares me! So its about time I finish this puppy up and get it on our bed!

Quilt piecing happens in the other room, my bedroom/sewing area. Right now I am piecing Row Robin blocks for the I've Got the Blues Row Robin that I'm doing on my list. These blocks have become very tedious for me, so I cannot wait to get them finished and off to the next recipient.

I have now spent 13 days away from my Q. Its not that we havent been apart before, its just that I could always give him a call or get in contact with him somehow. Hopefully the month he is spending with the Juvenille Corrections of Indiana will help him to make better choices and learn how he really has the world by the tail.

Man its been hot...too hot to swim! The pool water feels like bath water. So we've been hibernating in the AC. In the evenings I go out to attempt training my cucumber vines away from the path of the mower and pull a weed or two. I have washed every quilt and blanket in the house so they can dry on the deck, I run out hang them over the rail and retreat back into the coolness like weird prairie dog. What a vacation!

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