Sunday, June 13, 2010

Current projects

This is just a little wool welcome banner I am working on for my own front door. Using mostly wool from thrift store sweaters and skirts. I have a few more leaves to sew on the branch and it will be time to back quilt and bind it. I initially planned to hand quilt it, but the more I think about it, a tight stipple might make it pop out a little more. And I am trying to get this quilted to take with me back to PA this coming weekend. My grandfather passed away and his memorial is this weekend and I'd like to get this to my sister who chose the fabrics last summer when we vacationed in TN together.

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Teresa said...

Cute wall hanging - got to smile at the little redbird. This one just makes you happy to look at it. I'll be watching to see how it finishes up. So sorry to see the loss of your grandfather. I am sure your sister will appreciate the lovely quilt you have put together.

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