Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Decision Made

Ok, so the decision has been made. Not that I didn't like the waviness of the second, I just knew I wanted to do a border that would let the striped fabric really stand out and I was afraid the straight closed in border of the stripes would not work well with the waves. If it were larger than a kid sized I think I might have tried out the second setting. It is now on the frame and ready to be quilted....not sure how I want to do that either!
The applique is raggedy edged and was super easy to put together, all done in one day actually. DH asked what kind of template I used. I explained that I had to make special trip to get it and it was quite pricey...a dinner plate and a saucer :-) All in all I am so pleased with this design that I'm going to scour the stash for more workable directional fabrics to make another, I think the stripes make all the difference.


SDQuilter said...

Wonderful, the borders really are perect for this quilt!

Gina said...

It's fabulous

love and hugs Gina xxx

Ann said...

What a smile maker this one is. Well done.

Teresa said...

Great quilt - reminds me of the 60's with that retro looking fabrics. I love it! Somehow I have missed your last several post and enjoyed reading through them. You have some fantastic quilts in the making.

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