Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wishin' and wool

This is my wool. This is the disorganized state it lives in. I suppose I could buy another tote for all that's overflowing, but it will still live in the corner of my bedroom. In the future, when the boys move out and I can claim more than just a corner as my sewing space, I want shelves so that I can look and see and be inspired rather than dump everything out on the coffee table in the living room to remind myself of what I already have. I'm searching for some sort of...what's that word?...oh yeah ORGANIZATION!

None the less, I did manage to make this.

A flattened view.


Rhonda said...

Hi Mary, thanks for the name of the Trumpet Vine thingy. I'll add it to my post and link to you.
You're a peach!!!

Rhonda P. said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!!!

Shogun said...

Hello! I was just introduced to this blog as I have started playing with wool in addition to my quilting.

Morah said...

But if you have another tote, you could stack the wool in it by color and admire it through the plastic! It would be the double whammy with a compromise, being able to see what you own AND a bit of orgainzation. Or better yet....if you need to relieve yourself of a bit of that wool......

Shogun said...

I am just starting to play with wool and I love it!

I also have to do the same thing with my sewing/quilting supplies. Until my kids move out, there is no designated sewing space.

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