Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I can't talk right now, I'm battling crabgrass

I think that's what I should put on my voicemail, away message for email, Blogger and Facebook.
Like many other people, we decided this year we needed to focus on us, family, home, house and friends. To begin with we completed our renovation of the living room that was years in the making. Last year we did nothing to the yard, no pool, no weeding, no planting, other than an obligatory mowing, that's all that happened. So now this year we're starting all over again and now all the weeds have 2 years of roots to battle, and have previously dropped their seeds, so when you think you have an area clear you come back a week later to baby weeds starting to grow again. Grrrrr!
I did have a chance to do some sewing. A few finishes here and there, but mostly I focused on swap blocks. May retreat in North Webster was a blast as usual. New faces and new friends and many of my buddies from previous retreats. I had a really nice relaxing time. I didn't get a whole lot done, but that was fine with me, I really needed to recuperate more than anything else.
So this post is a bit of everything, consider it a catch up with a little of this and a little of that.
Our new window seat, the cushion is in the process of being made. I'm still looking for the perfect fabric. Gene says make it in muslin for the time being since the dogs like to sleep there, so that's what I'm doing, a denim covering for now. I think he did an awesome job on this seat and it has tons of storage underneath and little side tables for drinks.

This was the challenge for May retreat. An Undercover Crate using the free pattern from Laura Gunn She shows hers with just two fabrics, but I pieced the sides of mine to stay within the challenge rules. We were each given an old pattern book and we needed to use an idea from that book to make anything excepts a quilt, wall hanging, table topper, etc. So the spools pattern was from the book and Laura's excellent and easy to follow pattern made the rest.

Crazy cool bag that Susan showed me how/made for me. Its hard to tell the dimensions from the pic, but its 24"x9"x18" with wood dowel handles. Its awesome! I think I might make a couple more, why not have one for fabrics and supplies?

Jamie finally quilted the top she started in December. Even her daughters Jessie and Julie got into the action. We still need to bind it, but I am very proud of her. She managed to zigzag around the edges and her family is using it until then :-)

Now I promise to be a good girl and try to keep up with my blog a little better. I have managed to finish a few things, I'll need to get some pics and get them posted. Its nice to be back! :-)

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Lori said...

I love your window seat. I am glad you found some time to blog. I know swaps can keep yyou busy. Great pic of J and J quilting. I have the machine but I would love to have that frame.

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