Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Don't look now Momma's got her wool out!

My life, is different, I have been told by so many people that hear my tales of normal everyday life here at Casa de Leonard that we should have our own reality show. Hmmm, would a camera man know that when I scream DANGER WILL ROBINSON that means I'm headed out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel and for every one's safety they should remain calm and continue staring at a fixed point in the room lest they be blinded? I think for the public safety we'll just keep the show off the airwaves.

My husband has always been a singer, not that he sings well, but that he adapts current situations into a little tune. The boys were awoken with a little ditty that went something like this, "Wake up, wake up you sleepy heads, its time to get your hineys out of bed!" or he has been caught serenading the cat with "God bless the fuzzy one!" Currently, he has been singing "Don't look now, momma's got her wool out!" Based on a Rodney Carrington song that he heard on the radio Called "Don't look now!" You can click if you want, but after the penis post from a week ago I thought I'd let you have your choice to watch :-)

So anyhoo, these candle wraps are what I've been working on. The gold light bulb was the first, bought as a kit from eBay and the other three were just me messing around with wool I already had and pattern ideas sketched out on freezer paper. I thought these were just a great quick Christmas gift idea. ***12/1 Teresa from Stitchinbythelake asked how these are held together, I used 2 buttons and 2 lengths of floss to wrap around the buttons. Try some yourself, they're sooo easy!


Teresa said...

I had not seen candle wraps before but yours are really cute. How do they stay together when you wrap them around the candle?

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Love your new blog background - those candle wraps are so cute!!!

Morah said...

Very cute but I'm mad that I now have to add ANOTHER thing to my "to do" list!!! LOL!!

Love the singing dittys. At times, I do the same thing.

Girltwin64 said...

Hey I see mine you made me! I still have it out for display I just love it so much! I really treasure it because it is from you!

Thank you so much! Hugs, Ellen

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