Sunday, May 25, 2008

OC Progress and Indy Life

So I woke up this morning with plans of working in the yard, but it was a little chilly so decided to sew a little instead. I knew I still had work to do on step #4 of the Orange Crush mystery at Quiltville, I had the hsts done and a couple of the spinning stars completed, but I needed to finish them up. A quick peek and what do you know? Bonnie had step #5 posted so now I was close to being two steps behind! I finished the spinning stars and cut the squares for the Album block. So...they're going to be set on point...why could I not picture the way they were going to look side by side in my mind? I just had to make 5 completed Album blocks just to ease my curiosity a little. Here's a little preview hanging on my design wall, and I likey! There's only one thing I may just have to change, I used a blue that's very similar to the blue in the spinning stars for my Album block corners in a few blocks (see bottom right Album block) and I'm not sure if they'll stand out too much, so i may be ripping a little.

I live just south of Indianapolis and today is the 500. I had the TV on while sewing mostly as background noise, I am not a race fan. I just cannot see the thrill of watching a race, honest, i have tried numerous times since moving here in the early 90's. Its hard to not know something about Indycar racing with all the press coverage. I will say I am excited to hear there are 3 ladies racing today, Danica, Sarah, and Milka. Way to go girls! All of you! There have only been six women to start in the 500 and today will have 3 of the six who qualified! Sending them all the positive girl power vibes I can today! out to the garden since its almost noon! :-)


Amanda said...

You have caught up well - and overtaken. I haven't started Step 5 yet, it will have to wait until I've got a couple of other urgent tasks done. It's beginning to look good though isn't it.

Andrea said...

Oh wow - I love these blocks. I'm thinking now I should have made more effort to do this mystery. It is really looking good. Curiosity would have got the better of me too - lol !

Sue R said...

Hi Mary, thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for your nice compliment. I came up with the same arrangement of the blocks that you did--it looks great, doesn't it? These blocks are so busy that I couldn't get a visual in my head either, so I drafted it into my EQ6. I like it so much!

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