Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tagged, I'm IT!

Joan over at My Quilt Life has tagged me to list seven random or weird facts about myself. Its taken me five days to compose this post, I've had a hard time coming up with 7 things about myself, perhaps I'm just not all that interesting?

Here are THE RULES:

Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
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Ok, here goes:

1. I will never hand out love advice. DH and I started dating, moved in together and found out we were pregnant with twins within three months and are still together 18 years later. So who ever really knows?

2.One of the great injustices in my life was when I was in 3rd grade. In 2nd, we were taught a few of our multiplication tables, like ones, twos and threes and were told that we would learn the rest in 3rd grade. When we showed up for 3rd grade they expected us to already know all of them. So I revolted, deciding that I would never learn them. I received my one and only "paddling" and a call to my parents. My mother quizzed me on my times tables non-stop for 3 weeks until I knew them backwards and forwards. I dreaded the weekends because I knew they would be filled with nothing but multiplication tables. If I got the wrong answer I had to go to my bedroom and write it out 30 times while saying it aloud. By the time I finally knew them, my little sister was the only child in kindergarten who knew all of them.

3. I have a tattoo of a rhino on my left hip/butt. DH told me I was hard to buy presents for at holidays and that I should start to "collect" something to make it easier. My collection started with a tattoo. Now I have lots of rhinos hanging around.

4. I hate to talk on the phone. DH has been asked by our provider several times if my phone has been lost because it rarely shows activity on it. If you actually have a conversation with me on the phone consider yourself lucky, its doesn't happen often. This is probably why I dint stay in touch with family and friends like I should.

5. I am planning on a trip to Wales and England in (hopefully)2010. I am an avid reader of medieval novels and spend tons of time online researching various regions and castles I want to visit.

6. I cannot parallel park to save my life. It was never a requirement when I got my license I rarely go anywhere where its necessary and I will park blocks out of my way or illegally to avoid parallel parking.

7. I love tomatoes. I eat them in some form or another just about everyday. When DH and I first started living together he actually pulled my mom aside and asked if I knew how to cook anything that didn't have tomatoes in it! I have since shown him I am able to cook just about anything, but because I am the cook, I choose to cook what I like which just happens to be tomatoes. The poor gravy/Shake and Bake loving guy still hasn't wasted away to nothing!

So now the TagEES!









Floss said...

I also love castle, I discovered this when I was in the UK a few years ago.

Becky said...

What a nice way to make a new friend. Thanks for Tagging me. I have posted my 7 Weird Facts. The hardest part was thinking of 7 people to Tag.

Take care,

Judy said...

Mary, thanks for the award! Right back at you!! I would never have suspected that you are into medieval history. You'll love your trip to England. 60 days and counting until Retreat!

Gina said...

Have you looked into Caerphilly Castle. I can see it from my bedroom window. It comes complete with it's own ghost

love and hugs Gina ( from south Wales)

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