Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Goals for October

I have decided that its just too depressing to make long to do lists or even worse, UFO lists. So I am going to start challenging myself month by month. That way I can feel like I accomplished stuff!

October's Goals
1. Cindy's Seasons round robin 10/15 DONE 10/15
2. Teresa's Seasons round robin 11/1
3. Liz's Baglady 11/15 DONE 10/17
4. Hello Kitty Tote bag for Zoe
5. Signature blocks ready for Quilting in IN 11/1 DONE 10/25
6. Framed Four Patch blocks for Mailblocks 11/1 DONE 10/21
7. Hands of Friendship blocks for Mailblocks 11/1 Cancelled
8. Quilt and bind Bag Lady top from Liz
9. Quilt and bind Baglady Top from Judy
10. Row for Quilting in IN Row Robin 11/1 DONE 10/21

You know, by making this list out, it really highlights what has been my problem for the entire year. I sign up for far too many exchanges, swaps, challenges and robins. I dont have enough time to finish my existing UFOs yet I create more! So although this is only October, I am going to make a New Years resolution early, less is going to be more next year. I am only signing up for things that really excite me.


Jeanne said...

Those swaps sounds so easy when we sign up, don't they? I have bags of blocks from different swaps but lately have been able to say no to them. Good luck with your October projects.

Anonymous said...

I've managed not to become involved in that many swaps, but I can see where it's going...You really do have a good point about doing something only if you get excited about it. Otherwise, what good is it really? Don't we already demand too much of ourselves?

Just say "NO"!!


paula, the quilter said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Mary. I couldn't reply any other way except this way. I was in a round robin gone bad, and really pick and choose what I involve myself in now. I still keep a calendar that I carry around and this lets me know if I'll have time to do some swaps.

Greenmare said...

wow that is a LOT of stuff to finish in one month! Good luck with the whole less is more thing okay? ;-)

Anne Ida said...

Hi, Mary! Stoped by to say thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blue and white swap quilt top!

Wow, your list of projects for October looks challenging, best of luck!

Alisa said...

Wishing you the best on your October list! That is a great way to do it.

Rhonda P. said...

That is certainly a good list for October. I should really try to do the same. It seems like I am always signing up for something which in turn leaves my projects undone. With Christmas right around the corner, I need to slow down on swaps.
Thanks for the inspiration!

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