Thursday, May 24, 2007

Row x Row

This is Lisa's RxR with my row added to the bottom. She used the free online pattern here. Its going to be one sweet quilt when its done, and really heavy! I guess I never thought about it, but because the fans are folded versions of the same sized square to make the block, its literally twice as heavy as a normal top. It will be very warm!
I christened the new machine with Lisa's rows, love that built in walking foot! Didn't pin except to join the rows! I wanted a fast machine like my Grand Quilter, it sews like 1600 stitches a minute, and I keep it set about half throttle for piecing, so around 800. A normal sewing machine sews around 400, I wanted something to make things go faster. Well although the new machine doesn't go faster, no pinning and needle down option makes the whole procedure quicker so I guess I got what I wanted!

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