Monday, February 12, 2007

Purples and geese

My starter row for Purple Purples Row by Row at Mailblocks.
I also popped off 28 3x6" flying geese blocks (sorry, no pics, went straight in the mail) for swap at BeyondBeginners using Quilt in a Day ruler. That thing rocks! So quick, perfect blocks and hardly any waste! It took me about an hour, I could have made more but since I was still a little leery, I did them set by set.
I have always used this method in the past but not anymore, I am hooked on this ruler! I need the 4x8" size next. I love flying geese, they're just so traditional looking and can make a simple quilt look very intricate.


Rhonda Phillips said...

Absolutely beautiful Mary! I love your blog!

Melzie said...

I have that ruler but no instructions :) Love the blocks you've shown! xoxo melzie

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