Monday, December 04, 2006

Not a whole lot quilty, well actually....

Its not that I dont want to quilt, but getting dsl and now being able to surf really fast has been wonderful. Take for instance this site,

With dial up I tried to visit a couple of times and soon gave up because it was just such an intensive site and my poor little ole' connection couldnt handle it. There are tons of free patterns there, with instructions for different size blocks and some with different layouts shown. And I had been missing it all!

Oh my, having pop up instantly! I have bookmarked different patterns that have been available for years but my experience was such that I was intimidated by those patterns or maybe I just hadnt seen them because I grew weary of waiting with dial up. And the inspiration pages at QC, what a joy to be able to see completed projects of the patterns I'm looking at.

And years of glorious antique quilts located at Just a little over 1800 antique quilts to be drooled over.

Looking at upcoming classes available at, I needed to see some finished projects to determine if that class is for me. How quilckly I rolled through the pages of student work!

Yep, not a whole lot quilty going on around here at all.....


Rhonda said...

Psst...I see you :)

I've bookmarked your blog -- hopefully I'll remember to pop in now and then and stalk...erm...check up on you ;)

Mary said...

My very own stalker! How cool! Thanks for taking a look!

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