Monday, November 06, 2006

Bruddah and Halloween musings

Listening to Lips of an Angel by ???????

We named this guy Bruddah....

cross of Buddah for his big belly

and Brooklyn from the old cartoon Gargoyles.

You know, as the kids get older, Halloween really loses

any meaning and just becomes somewhat of a PITA holiday.

I wonder why I even bother turning my light on.

My contorted hazelnut by the front walk has battle scars

that will take years for the slow growing shrub to hide

from kids tripping and stumbling and staggering in poorly

fitted and downright hazardous costumes from which they

cannot see a darn thing, only blindly following their parents

voices saying, "Say thank you." "Stay on the walk."

"Watch out for your sister/brother."

Every kid over the age of 12 in the neighborhood thinks

I'm a troll because I refused to hand any treats out to older kids.

I guess thats from having two very big guys myself and seeing

them get their feelings hurt at the age of 11 because people

thought and said they were 14 and had no business trick or

treating. I've been jaded. So unless you're little and cute,

dont bother coming, you wont get anything. And speaking

of getting anything, I dont hand out candy.

No Snickers or DumDums or Smartees or Hot Tamales.

Definitely no gum.

I remember an incident as a kid when a friend returned to

school after trick or treating practically scalped. She fell asleep

in the car with her Wonder Woman mask on and gum in her

mouth. Enough said.

Pencils and small playdoh containers is what you get at my

I heard more kids say,

"Awesome! I can use this pencil at school!"

or "Cool! I got playdoh!" Which made me smile.

Yeah, that's why my light will always be on every


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